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Toddlers are challenging, often times irrational, intensely emotional and inexplicably difficult to get through to. When I started photographing boudoir my primary goal was to help heal sexual abuse trauma and I spent 5 years doing just that for myself and others with Ivory Rose Boudoir. On a personal note, I've heard since I was a girl about how my grand mother did not breastfeed any of her 5 children. I knew I was making the best choice for our family but the social pressure did effect my mind state during such a sensitive ,vulnerable time. Adrenaline and Cortisol hormones, which stem from the emotion of fear, directly diminish Oxytocin, effecting supply and emotional attachment to nursing and baby. The average duration of breastfeeding in the U. Because sometimes children arrive close together, or more then one at a time, or sometimes the weaning process is a longer journey then expected

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Sure, some people might want to compare nursing a child to sex and say some things are best to stay behind closed doors but they aren't the same thing thank god!

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For me, being afraid to tandem breastfeed in public has deeply impacted my children and family. Ketchup, Mattresses And Whiskey: To me the truth is so obvious, so blatant, I initially lack the patience to shift my perspectuive so that I may understand where someone's irrational fear may come from. What could be more perverse than asking a woman to feel shame for nurturing an innocent life in the way she was biologically designed to do? One of the questions I feel from them is, "What changes for me now? So this photo is necessary because it normalizes what is It will be amazing when we chose to heal the trauma by supporting future generations with loving acceptance of breastfeeding and staying present for those actively healing from sexual abuse.

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